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ForeverPure 1 Million GPD Seawater Reverse Osmosis System with FEDCO Energy Recovery Turbine

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Product Code: SWRO-1MGD-36KTDS

Description Spec Sheet / Manual Technical Specifications
ForeverPure 1 Million GPD Seawater Reverse Osmosis System with FEDCO Energy Recovery Turbine

ForeverPure® Seawater water reverse osmosis systems are fully manufactured and tested in the Silicon Valley, California, USA. Only the highest quality components are used in our products. These components include LG NanoH20 membranes, Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC, Siemens/ABB/FUJI contactors, Danfoss or FEDCO Pumps, and etc.. Combining decades of water treatment equipment manufacturing experience and numerous installations around the world, ForeverPure® is able to offer products with the best value on the market.

For further information on the FEDCO HPB-350 Hydraulic Pressure Booster Turbocharger Energy Recovery Device, download the Technical Proposal

Technical Specifications

Daily production rate1 million GPD
Feed waterless than 36,000 ppm
Required feed water pressure60 psi
Average feed water temperature25 °C / 77 °F
Product water qualityless than 500 ppm
Recovery rate45%
Feed water rate1563 gpm
Working pressure808 psi
Estimated energy consumption8.28 KWH/1000 gallons
(Excluding feed water pump and distribution pump energy consumption)

Pre-Filtration System
The pre-filtration system comes in a fiberglass housing. The 5-micron cartridge type sediment filter reduces suspended solids in the feed water stream to the RO system. It protects the RO high-pressure pump and RO membrane elements from clogging by suspended matters in the feed water. 300 gpm rating.
  • Manufacturer: Codeline
  • Model Number: AQUALINE 80AQ
  • Quantity: 9

Membrane Housing
  • Membrane housings are made of reinforced fiberglass
  • 8" housing, holds 6 membranes
  • 1000psi rated pressure vessels
  • Manufacturer: Protec or Codeline
  • Quantity: 40

Only the best field proven high performance membranes in the desalination industry are used in ForeverPure® reverse osmosis systems. This system is equipped with:
  • Manufacturer: LG Chem
  • Model number: NanoH2O SW440R, 8"
  • Quantity: 240

High Pressure Side Piping Material
High grade material and high pressure rating piping is used in ForeverPure® reverse osmosis systems. This ensures extremely safe operation of all ForeverPure® reverse osmosis systems.
  • Type of piping: 2205 duplex S.S.
  • Manufacturer: various

Low Pressure Side Piping Material
High grade material is used in ForeverPure® reverse osmosis systems. This ensures trouble free operation of all ForeverPure® reverse osmosis systems.
  • Type of piping: schedule 80 PVC or re-enforced high pressure PVC flexible tubing. 150psi rating.
  • Manufacturer: GF or Spears

Water Quality Monitor
Water Quality Monitors provide instantaneous, real time water quality data. Such data allows the user to determine whether the feed water quality or product water quality is within the original designed parameter. This ensures proper operation and application of the RO system, as well as, the quality of the product water.
  • Water Quality Monitor Type: digital panel mount
  • Feed water TDS Meter
  • Product water TDS meter
  • Manufacturer: MyronL

Flow Meters
Flow meters provide feed water, product water, and concentrate water flow rate data to the user.
Flow Meter Type: Panel Mount Digital Flow Meters
  • Feed Water Flow Meter
  • Product Water Flow Meter
  • Concentrate Water Flow Meter feed water
    • Manufacturer: GF Signet or equivalent

Pressure Gauges
Pressure gauges provide important operation pressure data to the user. They can provide indication on whether the feed water is sufficient, working pressure is proper, or membranes are scaled.
Pressure Gauge Type: liquid filled
Material: 316 SS
  • Feed Water Pressure
  • Working pressure
  • Concentrate pressure

System controls - PLC Based
PLC – Programmable Logic Controller is the brain of the RO system. It allows automatic operation of the RO system, and provides important trouble shooting data through LED lights or HMI interface. ForeverPure® reverse osmosis systems use only the highest quality and most reliable suppliers. Standard PLC program provides start/stop, sequential, and alarm control.
  • Make of PLC : Siemens (Germany) or Allen Bradley (USA)

Acid Dosing System
The most effective way to prevent calcium carbonate scale formation is to lower the feed water pH via the injection of an acid. The acid will convert bicarbonate ion into carbon dioxide.
One metering injection system will be supplied for controlling different elements in the feed water of the RO plant. The metering pump will allow controlling of different functions such as the stroke length and percentage rate. The Chemical Dosing System prevents membrane from scaling.
  • Manufacturer: LMI or equivalent

Antiscalant Dosing System
One metering injection systems is supplied to inject antiscalant into the feed water stream. The metering pump pumping rate can be adjusted by varying the stroke length and percentage rate. The Antiscalant Dosing System prevents the membrane from mineral scaling.
  • Manufacturer : LMI or equivalent

Dual-Media Filter with NextSand
These filters contain two types of media. First layer is gravel under-bedding. Second media is NextSand.
NextSand is based on a rare natural mineral that is highly processed and graded. It’s unique properties allow it to radically alter the performance and cost of media fi ltration. The hardness, stability and microporous character of NextSand makes it a perfect filtration media for virtually every application in the water and wastewater treatment industry.
  • High filtration performance-3-5 micron removal.
  • High capacity filtration throughout the entire NextSand bed depth provides more than twice the capacity of multimedia filtration.
  • High flow– 3-4 times that of multimedia with superior filtration.
  • Long lasting media (>5 years) not consumed in the process.
  • Simple periodic backwash keeps the media clean and operating efficiently.
  • Backwash frequency and duration is controlled by a central PLC system.
    • Manufacturer: ForeverPure Corporation
    • Quantity: 6 units
    • Size: 63” Diameter x 72”H
    • Flow Rate: max 1500 gpm

Post-Treatment Systems:

pH adjustment System
One metering injection system is supplied for the controlling of pH level of the product water. The metering pump pumping rate can be adjusted by varying the stroke length and percentage rate. The pH adjustment system adjusts product water pH by injecting caustics into the product water to raise product water pH.
  • Manufacturer : LMI or equivalent

Membrane Cleaning and Flushing Systems:

Permeate Water Flush
The Permeate Water Flush function purges the salt water out of the system by pumping permeate water into the membrane housings before each shut down and before every startup. By having permeate water during the shut down period, high salinity water would not permeate into the product water side. This maintains product water quality and extends the membrane life time.

Built-In Membrane Cleaning System
It includes a 316 SS high flow pump. It cleans the membranes and can be used to sanitize the membrane system. The user can initiate the cleaning process on the control panel. Cleaning should be done periodically or should be done when the Delta P between the lead end of the membranes and the tail end of the membranes is above 50 psi.

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