ForeverPure Corporation
"One Clean World, One Goal"

  • 25 Years in Water Treatment and Renewable Energy Business
  • Many products featured on are manufactured in USA
  • Customized Solutions are available
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Global Financing
  • Serving cities, towns, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, power plants, beverage/food production companies, manufacturing plants, farms, and wherever pure water or wastewater treatment is needed.
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal Products
• Reverse osmosis systems
• Seawater/brackish water desalination systems
• Ultra-filtration systems
• Nano-filtration systems
• Membrane bio-reactors
• Sequential Batch Reactors
• Wastewater reuse systems
• Water Softeners
• Water Conditioners
• Iron Filters
• DI Filter
• Carbon Filters
• Multi-Media Filters
• UV Sterilization Systems
• Ozone Systems
• Waste Water Treatment Plants
• Solar Powered Water Systems
• Solar power plants

• Wind Turbines
• Renewable energy batteries
• Containerized Energy Storage Systems
and others...
Components and Consumables:
• Membranes : Filmtec, Hydranautics
• Membrane Housings : Codeline, Protec, Wave-Cyber
• Water Treatment Medias/Resin : Clack, Watts, Purolite
• Sediment Filters, GAC Filters, Carbon Block Filters, Specialty Filters
• Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, Stainless Steel Fittings: Blue White, US Gauge, Precision, and others
• Electric Solenoid Valves (brass and stainless steel)
• Grundfos, Procon, Flint & Walling, LMI, Pulsa Feeder

and others...

Partial List of Clients
1. San Francisco Public Utility Corporation
2. East Bay Municipal Utility Department
3. Santa Clara County Water District
4. Alameda Water District
5. GE Plastics
6. US State Department
7. Rockwell Industry
8. Palace of Qatar
9. NewEnergy Corporation, China
10. IBM
11. And Etc…

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